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Mr. Coop

Mr. Coop

“Miss Marla believed in me and fought for my rights when no-one else would.  I was fighting an uphill battle against all of the odds as my children were taken away from me and the mother had the courts convinced that I was abusing both her and the children.  It took a few years and many many hours in the courtroom arguing and pleading with the judge, but Marla never gave up.  Now it is almost three years later and  I have full custody of both of my children.  There is no way my children and I would be where we are today without Attorney Marla’s hard work, dedication, and persistence.  There were days when I would feel defeated and want to give up, but Attorney Marla would remind me what I was fighting for and kept me motivated and focused on my children.  I can’t thank Attorney Marla enough and I can’t recommend her highly enough as she was sent from god at just the right time.”