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Sylvia R.

Sylvia R.

“I initially met Marla when she was assigned to my daughter’s Felony charges in 2014.  Marla not only went above and beyond to help, she also made the case personal which reflected in her ongoing efforts to help my daughter.  She is kind and gracious, and she possesses the ability to work diligently and aggressively while still providing that “human touch” we all look for in an attorney. Marla and I formed a professional relationship throughout the years.  She has gotten to know my family and my daughter, Dasyl.  She took the time to learn all the details and the specifics of her case.  Marla was always fair, honest, and thorough.  We were very blessed to have her work on the case, she continuously worked hard and always strived for the best outcome.  Marla was always available when needed and has always been willing to fight hard for her clients.  She has not only educated me throughout the process, but also assisted me when it came to my daughter’s mental illness.  She provided information and always followed up on Dasyl and myself.  Marla’s attributes not only make her a wonderful attorney, but they also make her a pleasure to work with.”