Legal Name Change

In Florida, courts have the power to change the name of any person residing in the state. The process of legally changing your name can be fairly simple if you have the right representation and support along the way.

As an adult living in the state of Florida, the process of legally changing your name includes the following:

A petition must be filed with the circuit court in the county where the person lives.

A background check is mandatory.

A hearing with the judge is required once the proper documentation is filed, the background check is completed, and the results are docketed with the court. Finally, after the court Grants your petition to change your name, the appropriate legal entities must be notified of the change.

Marla J. Ferguson, Esq. is happy to answer any questions you have regarding legally changing your name. We can take care of the process from start to finish for you, ensuring the process is as simple and quick as possible.


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